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Destiny Covenant Ministries
Destiny Covenant Network

You can be a part of a vibrant network of churches, flowing in the apostolic anointing and flow: Where apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers are received, renewed, and restored to the foundational and revelatory knowledge and gftings of biblical teachings. Lay members know and understand their purpose and are moving in their God-ordained purposes and fulfilling the Great Commission the Earth!

Destiny Covenant Network of Churches, Ministries and Affiliated Organizations. is an inter-denominational Christian ministry where those in ministry may come and be uplifted, share information pertinent to ministry, and be provided with strategic ministry planning tools.

Through this ministry we are helping to reach the lost and providing discipleship expertise in helping others reach the lost and strategically disciple others. We are also providing ministry support materials to enhance the pastoral, administrative, financial, Christian Education, and growth side of the ministry paradigm.

Through our conferences, fellowships, services, media ministry we are producing cutting edge formats, material and information to assist churches, ministries, and affiliated organizations in all areas of their ministries and Kingdom principles for their businesses and concepts.

We are a "Kingdom Minded" ministry, built on Kingdom principles in the Word of God. We also help others reach their God-ordained purposes and fulfill the Great Commission in the earth. The preaching, teaching, praise and worship is powerful. The Bible Messages are powerful, timely and relevant. Our message is promulgated through face-to-face ministry, corporate ministry, ministry using technology and media and through whatever other sources and resources the Lord provides us. 

Destiny Covenant Network of Churches, Ministries and Affiliated Organizations provides "covering" for "Destiny Covenant Ministries," and other ministries, churches and organizations that desire the "apostolic" function and benefits of such covering; This "covering" is not in the traditional sense, but within a biblical perspective and is unique from other organizations and ministries that provide "covering." Such covering is not "dogmatic," but is designed to provide liberty and biblically spiritual authoritative support to each ministry involved. Each ministry is free to make its own decisions about its organizational structure, operations and spiritual protocol. Each church, ministry and organization that joins with us are free to participate in other denominational and non-denominational organizations and hierarchal structures within their individual ministry structures. For more information on how we may assist your ministry you may call Elder Beverly Brooks Summers, Overseer at (919) 330-3044. 

At this time, there are no "annual fees" to be involved in this ministry. As God blesses you, and as you are led to bless this ministry for the support that it provides you -- so be it. However, our conferences, fellowships and special events may ask that you sow a certain nominal amount to cover administrative costs of the event. However, "no one will be turned away from these events." 

Ministries are being birthed, restored and released for Kingdom of God purposes! We are bringing back the excitement to the Christian Church. This is "not church as usual," although you may find many elements from traditional and progressive settings, but this thing is "of the Lord and is marvelous in His eyes." Come join us. We will soon be providing more information at this site on how to be a part of Destiny Covenant Network of Churches, Ministries and Affiliated Organizations.


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